Overview of the T he Manchester Dental Programme

Overview of the T he Manchester Dental Programme:

Learning at this level will reflect the ability to:

· Level C– develop a rigorous approach to the acquisition of a broad knowledge base; employ a
range of specialised skills; evaluate information using it to plan and develop investigative
strategies and to determine solutions to a variety of unpredictable
problems; and operate in a range of varied and specific contexts, taking responsibility for the nature and quality of outputs.
· Level I– generate ideas through the analysis of concepts at an abstract level, with a command of
specialised skills and the fo
rmulation of responses to well defined and abstract problems; analyse and evaluate information;exercise significant judgement across a broad range of functions; and accept responsibility for determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes.
· Level H– critically review, consolidate and extend a systematic and coherent body of
knowledge, utilising specialised skills across an area of study; critically evaluate new concepts
and evidence from a range of sources; transfer and apply diagnostic and creative skills and exercise significant judgement in a range of situations; and accept accountability for
determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes.

Theme 1: Human Health and Disease.
Theme 2: The Mouth in Heath and Disease.
e 3: Clinical Competence, including patient management.
Theme 4: Communication Skills, Teamwork, ICT, and Reflective Practice.
Theme 5: Scientific Understanding and Thought.

Coursework:Year 1–Special Study Module (SSM)
EBL:Interdisciplinary cases working on a two week cycle with 3 sessions per case.
Lecture/Symposium:Interdisciplinary themed theatre events combining presentations,clinical case presentations and interactive exercises.
Technical/Laboratory: Classes in skills classrooms; technical skills, clinical skills and operative skills.
Clinic:Clinical experience in a range of environments (Dental Hospital, , Dental Practice)
working in a dental team.

The assessment at the end of year one consists of the following components:
Multiple choice question paper (MCQ);using best fit 1 from 5 format
Short Answer paper (SAP)
Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE);
Coursework including EBL third session assessment, Anatomy spotter (OSPE) and poster presentation
Students must pass MCQ,SAP and course work.
No compensation for MCQ and SAP is given.
It is must for the students to attain at least (50%) of the total score of the coursework to be permitted to sit into the final exam. If not, it is allowed for him to repeat a part(s) of the coursework according to the situation to be re-evaluated. If the student failed again to get the required percentage. He wouldn‟t be permitted to get into final exam and stay
registered in year 1 for the next year .

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