post graduate vice dean welcome

prof.dr.Yasser Lotfy Mahmoud Abdul Nabi

At the beginning of your registration for one of the degrees awarded by our college for graduate I would like to offer you my sincere congratulations pleading with God to crown this effort with success, and I invite you to be patient and persevere in the learning and knowledge, and I wish you more excellence and success in your life scientific and practical.

On this occasion I cannot miss to recall with appreciation the great efforts made by each of the tribal gentlemen esteemed professors Vise Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the former and promoted for building this college. And then remain a salutation and appreciation for the faculty professors and their assistants as well as the gentlemen working on the collegefor their effort and a lot of potential in the field of study and various university activities, and I hope to continue giving.
May God help you to achieve what you aspire to success and excellence.

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