Programme Specifications

- Our undergraduate dentistry course will give a degree from a world-recognized institution” Mansoura University”, along with the skills and knowledge need for a career in Dentistry. It is a collaborated joined programme between Faculty of Dentistry Mansoura University and The Manchester University School of Dentistry.
The Manchester University School of Dentistry will be joining the whole dental learning programme. Our dentistry students will use an array of facilities to learn both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge that they need to successfully work as dentists.
Students undertake practical learning with real patients at Mansoura University Dental Hospital which is located close to our other learning facilities at the heart of the campus, as well as in outreach clinics. As well as lectures, dental students undertake classes in life science laboratories, the anatomy dissection room and our clinical and technical skills facilities, which include patient simulators and a range of dental equipment.
Manchester undergraduate programme is one of the largest and most successful providers of dental education in the UK, with world-leading researchers in basic dental sciences and health services research. The programme is designed for Enquiry based learning not teaching. The aim is to allow students to discover and learn for themselves not to subject them to formal tuition under a different name. That is not to say that tutors are redundant as their contribution is as important as ever, but it changes from being “teacher” to being active “facilitator of learning”.
What is Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL)?
It is a very special feature of The Manchester Dental Programme (TMDP); an educational approach that is particularly designed for active self-directed learners, which dentists must be throughout their professional lives. The programme is characterized by its unique Enquiry Based Learning method of teaching in small groups of students (10-12) students with a tutor of faculty member to guide students to discover the learning agenda and intended learning outcomes and search for them access to the scientific material in an attractive and interesting manners and then discuss the results together.
-The self-learning system is adopted at the University of Manchester since 2009 and is based on special cases designed to the highest level for students to motivate them for self-learning and research conduction.
-The students’ tutors are their mentors and communicate with them to guide them through this interesting learning dilemma. The programme adopts e-learning as an effective means of teaching and learning and conducting various examinations that measure the various acquired skills
Contrary to the traditional teaching programme, the program provides training and motivation for the student to obtain the skills of dentistry and modern technology in communication in addition to the skills of communication, effective presentation, team working, computer skills and the basics of life supports using all the possibilities available at Mansoura University. Starting from the first year of study, the student will be admitted to the clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry while in the Mansoura program they enrolled in clinics in the fourth year.
-The educational process of the EBL sessions and symposia will be strictly supervised by the higher committee of the Programme.
-In addition, the student will be trained on how to assess himself throughout the academic year to stand on his strength and weakness points by himself. The tutor well support the academic as well as the social life of each student in the group.
-A number of individual dorm rooms furnished and air conditioned with a private bathroom and daily cleaning services, have been reserved in the Mansoura University premium campus for boys and girls. High quality healthy meals are prepared daily under nutritional supervision. The campus is a walking distance from the Faculty of Dentistry, supervised and secured for the safety of our students.
-There is a cafeteria, computer labs, wireless internet access and a library of the latest international journals to serve the students in the faculty and dormitory areas.
-A number of students can visit the University of Manchester's School of Dentistry at their time of study and Manchester students can also come to Mansoura to exchange experiences. Students can also get lessons in English and Arabic for non-native speakers as desired.
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